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• Do you feel nervous or unfocused when auditioning?

• Are you booking the rules you are going in for?

• Do you have technical or emotional blocks?

• Are you doing your best work on set or in casting sessions?


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Joel has been coaching actors for the last 15 years and has an impressive record in moving actors forward in their command of their craft and careers. With his fast professional experience and a specific understanding of the actors process, he can help you to expand, polish, and on your artistic toolbox so that you do your best in any situation.


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Having acted in hundreds of commercials over my career I have found out what the directors and especially the producers want to “get ” from their actors. The process sometimes leads to numerous ‘takes’ of a particular scene, and in some cases, dozens and more. There are veteran actors will tell you about filming a take a 100 times to satisfy clients, do you have the mental fortitude to get to the finish line? Stamina, a sense of humor, and a sense of perspective are three of the skills I cultivate in my actors when working in the commercial field and beyond.


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Joel’s Theatrical Training

• BA University of Southern California

• NYU Summer Training Program 1972 (w Lloyd Richards)

• MFA Yale Drama School 1976

• NATAS Dramatic Workshop NY~1977-82 (w Gene Lasko)

• John Lehne Professional Class 1987-1992

• Summer Shakespeare Training – Theatricum Botanicum 1988

• Meisner Technique Ruskin School of Acting 2000

• The New American Studio (w Jack Stehlin & Alfred Molina)



Whether you need help in the auditioning process, developing characters for the stage, TV, or film, or you wish to address personal challenges in any area of your craft, contact Joel today!

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